Bringing it to the Table by the Basketful

I like to bring something unusual to the table when the family gathers for the holidays.  We usually pitch in to help the one hosting the family by each bringing a dish, favorite games, or sports equipment, depending on where we will be gathering.  If we’re by the beach or lake, we are sure to bring water toys for the children.  When the setting is at a park or in the spacious backyard of a relative with lots of room, we are more likely to play ball in the grassy fields, or string up hammocks in the nearby trees.  The good food is always the star of the show.  We can count on some traditional favorites like burgers on the grill and the hot dogs and chips for the kids.


I take a different approach.  I’ve been a fan of Harry & David for decades now, and my family knows they can count on me to bring treats that will please and surprise everyone in the family.  My gourmet gift never fails to bring smiles to the faces of the little ones who gather around to see the big old basket of goodies that I plunk down in the middle of the dessert table.  I shop Groupon lately, because I’ve found that I can save additional money when I apply the deal to my purchase.  I’ve even had the baskets shipped right to the location for that year.  Saves time and lugging that basket.  Some of them are almost bigger than I am.  One thing my family loves is wrapping and unwrapping gifts for holidays like Christmas and birthdays.  When I present my Harry & David basket it’s like unwrapping a beautiful gift, but we all get to enjoy it.  It seems the kids are more likely to eat the fruit when it comes from the basket.  Sure they scramble for the Moose Munch and cookies, but they also like the assortment of fruit that’s included.  I like the savings I get through Groupon, and it’s so easy to do, I can place my order on my phone or computer.


By using Groupon again this year our Fourth of July celebration is going to be extra special.  I’ve purchased wine and cheese for the adults, fruit and nuts for the kids, and extra chocolate goodies for all.  Harry & David offer a wide range of choices to select from and the quality packaging is always a hit.  Now that I can save even more by using Groupon, the hardest thing I have to do is avoid overeating.